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    Find out more about all the partners included within your monthly subscription at no additional cost.
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    Additionally, you will receive access to discounts with more than 60+ tools that could help you get things done faster.
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Our Partners

Below is a list of all the tools that will be included in your subscription. More will be added overtime.


GetResponse is the world's easiest to use all-in-one marketing platform. Send email newsletters, create landing pages, and grow your audience. Get up to 2,500 contacts included in your subscription.

HelpcrunchLive Chat & Help Center

HelpCrunch is a top-rated customer communication software for your Support, Marketing & Sales combining a Live Chat tool, Help Center and more. Get the standard plan included in your subscription.

VecteraConference Calls

Vectera creates unique and always-accessible client video meeting rooms that store content and communication—forever. Get access to 1 meeting host per month, included in your subscription.

TwistTeam Collaboration

Imagine a distraction-free teamwork app. Where conversations stay organized and on-topic. And where information is easy to find, forever. That’s Twist. Get $100 in credit towards Twist Unlimited.

1PasswordPassword Manager

A password manager, digital vault and secure digital wallet. 1Password remembers all your passwords and helps you keep your information safe. Get 3 months of 1Password included in your subscription.

QlearlyBookmark Manager

A modern bookmarks and tabs manager here to help you be more productive. Organize your favorite websites by columns and boards. Get the business plan included in your subscription.
As a way to keep the bundle affordable, we are also working with additional partners to offer discounts, credits and more. This will help us learn more about which tools you need the most.

Discounts Included

Below is the list of discounts included with the bundle.
  • Screencastify
    The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. The subscription is included in the yearly plan for The Founders Bundle.
  • Carrd
    Web Builder
    A free platform for building simple, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. Get 30% off one Pro upgrade or renewal.
  • Plutio
    Invoices, Time Tracking
    From projects and tasks to invoices and time tracking, everything you need in one intuitive platform. Get 30% off on any of ours plans.
  • Kanbanchi
    Task & Project Management
    Project management, and team collaboration app made for G Suite. Get between a 25% to 45% discount with annual billing.
  • Skrapp
    Lead generation, Email outreach
    The easiest solution to extract leads from the web. In few seconds, you can find verified email addresses. Get 50% off all monthly plans for 6 months.
  • Rocketium
    Digital marketing, Video Maker
    Rocketium enables businesses to create images and videos at scale. Get 30% off on subscription plans for Studio, our online video and image creator.
  • WP Engine
    Hosting, WordPress, Themes
    A WordPress platform that enables you to bring your digital experiences to life. Get 3 months free for any annual plans or 10% off the first payment for monthly plans.
  • Stencil
    Graphic design, Social media
    Create beautiful social media graphics on the fly. Easy-to-use graphic design tool for business owners, social media marketers and more. Get 25% off any Stencil plan.
  • CashNotify
    Payment Notification
    Monitor your Stripe and PayPal accounts from your menubar. Get a 25% discount on all plans.
  • SocialBee
    Marketing & Social Media
    A social media tool to help you get more leads, with less effort. Get a 20% discount, for one year.
  • Adalo
    Design & Developer Tools
    Create amazing mobile and web apps without code. Get 50% off any plan for 6 months.
  • Poplink
    Content Marketing
    Track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. Get 50% off our monthly Pro unlimited plan.
  • CloudRepo
    Developer tool
    CloudRepo allows high performance software development teams to securely store and share artifacts for use in other builds and development processes. Get 25% of any plan for 6 months.
  • Weblium
    Website Builder
    The most convenient website builder, powered by AI. Choose from 168+ pre-designed templates that are completely customizable. Get 20% off on Pro Weblium Annual Subscription.
  • Polypane
    Developer Tool
    The best browser for developers and designers. Develop and test websites and web apps twice as fast with Polypane. A 25% discount for the duration of the subscription on any of the plans.
  • Mailstorm
    Email, Communications
    Mailstrom helps people stay on top of their email. We bundle up messages into easy to handle bundles so you can power through thousands of emails in just a few clicks.
  • SerpAPI
    Google scraper, API, SEO
    Scrape Google search results. Get a 25% discount.
  • Mergify
    Developer tools, Automation
    Workflow automation service for GitHub pull requests.
  • TrueMail
    Email verification
    Email verification service. Free 5000 email verifications.
  • Hyperyolo
    Web Scraping, Data collection
    The easiest way to scrape the internet. Get 25% off all plans.
  • My Hours
    Time Tracking, Management and reporting
    Cloud based time tracking software designed for small teams and freelancers. Get a 55% discount on the Pro version of My Hours.
  • Jaamly
    Developer tool, Design, Translation
    Create, translate and release all information displayed on the App Stores. Get 1 Month of Startup Subscription for free.
  • Achieved
    Collaboration & Team management
    Team Progress & Objective tracking for fast growing businesses. Get a 75% discount for 12 months on our standard plan.
  • Segments Analytics
    eCommerce, Analytics, Marketing, Automation
    Ecommerce analytics & insights for the modern brand on Shopify. 15% lifetime discount for Small Business or Growth plans
  • Hoversignal
    BTB online service
    Hoversignal is a next-generation user engagement & customer experience platform with a focus on digital marketers & e-commerce. Get a 50% Discount.
  • Missinglettr
    Content marketing
    More Traffic, Less Effort. Missinglettr automatically turns your blog posts into engaging social media campaigns. 35% off any of our plans, for life!
    Online Video Maker
    Offeo is a design-driven online video maker that enable marketers to create stunning short social media videos easily. Get 25% off monthly or annual plan.
  • Leadfeeder
    Lead Generation, Marketing
    Leadfeeder helps B2B marketing, lead generation, and sales professionals identify anonymous website traffic. Get a 20% lifetime discount.
  • Mindstamp
    Training, Onboarding
    Create Powerful Interactive Videos in Seconds. 40% off of any plan for life.
  • VisualSitemaps
    UX, Productivity, Analytics
    Autogenerate Visual Sitemaps & Sitemaps in Seconds. Get 35% off yearly plans.
  • Brizy
    Website building
    The best way to create websites. Fast & Easy. Get a one time only 25% discount for one of Brizy Pro.
  • Videobolt
    Video Maker
    Videobolt is an online video-making platform. Get 25% off your first purchase on Videobolt.
  • UserLook
    UX, Customer Development
    Watch people talk honestly about your mobile app or website while they use it. Get 1 Free 6-minute full-service UserLook videos.
  • Shipright
    Product discovery, UX
    Track all your product feedback in one organized place to build better products, faster. 30% off for 1 year. Unlimited team members included.
  • FeedBear
    Customer Feedback
    The easiest way to manage customer feedback. Six months free, no payment info required, no strings attached.
  • InVideo
    Online Video Editor
    Create professional videos within minutes! InVideo has just the templates, for all your video needs. Get 30% off across all plans.
  • Partially
    Partially connects to popular platforms to make it easy to offer a flexible payment plan option to your customers. Promotional rate of 3% + 30 cents per transaction for the first 30 days or $10,000 processed.
  • SocialBu
    Social Media Management
    SocialBu is a social media management and automation platform. It allows you to manage your social media efficiently and save time. Get free access to Standard plan for 3 months.
  • Draftium
    Draftium is a turbo prototyping tool that will help you build a prototype site in 15 minutes and get your ideas visualized and validated before you dive into real coding. Get 30% off on the Pro Plan.
  • Spotsy
    Struggling to monetize your Instagram? Spotsy will help you generate an Instagram standalone website in just a few minutes. Get an exclusive 30% discount on all plans.
  • Delesign
    Design, Web design, Video editing
    Delesign allows founders to complete all their design projects by sharing a vetted senior-level Delesign designer. Get 40% off the first month.
  • Focuster
    Calendar, Task management
    Focuster automatically schedules your to-do list in your calendar, helping you maintain focus and prioritize tasks. Get 25% off all Focuster plans.
  • Brandly
    Business Card Printing Service
    Business cards for teams, made simple. Get a free custom business card design. private ordering portal, free shipping inside the US and 15% off on all orders.
  • Servicebot
    Payments, Stripe, Subscriptions
    Provide your customers with beautiful Pricing Pages, Signup Forms, and Subscription Management Portals. Get 30% off for 1 year.
  • DigitalOceann
    Web Hosting
    Eeasily build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size – faster than ever before. Get $100, 60-day credit.
  • Sellfy
    eCommerce, Payments
    Opening a store on Sellfy is the easiest way to sell products to your audience on social media or your own website. Get a $15 discount.
  • HypeAuditor
    Instagram Marketing
    Check influencer's Instagram and YouTube stats, discover and evaluate influencers. Get 40% off on your first purchase.
  • Unbounce
    Landing Page Builder
    Get more leads, sales, and customers with landing pages built just how you want. Get 20% off your first 3 months.
  • Publer
    Social Media Management
    Publer allows you to collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts. Get the first month free, and a 20% lifetime discount.
  • PDF Technologies
    PDF Editor
    Fast, Robust & Beautiful PDF Editor. Get 40% OFF, Free Download at PDF Reader Pro, with a 7-day Free trial.
  • Unicorn Platform
    SaaS, Web design
    Landing page builder for startups. No coding and design skills required. Get a 20% discount for all future payments.
  • Startup Jobs
    Hiring, Job board
    All startup jobs in one place. Post your job listing on Startup Jobs and get a 50% discount on your first job post.
  • UI8
    UI Kit, Wireframes and more
    100% curated digital marketplace with a growing library of high quality UX/UI design resources and freebies for designers. Get 25% off the all-access Pass.
  • GetProspect
    Lead generation
    Searching for email extractor with Linkedin url, name and company? Find corporate email addresses with extractor in bulk. Get 1 month free of the premium plan.
  • nicejob
    Reputation Management
    Get the reputation you deserve. Win 2X more reviews. NiceJob will help you win reviews and distribute them on the sites that matter most. Get $100 off NiceJob.
  • Rocketlink
    Marketing, retargeting
    RocketLink is a powerful URL shortener that allows to retarget anyone who clicked on any link no matter where it goes. Get a 20% Lifetime Discount on all plans.
  • Simple Analytics
    Analytics, Productivity
    Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics. Get a 30% discount on all yearly plans.
  • Requestly
    Developer tools
    A browser extension to modify network requests. Get 50% off on all plans.
    License Managers
    Painless License Manager. Get access to an exclusive 20% Discount for 1 year on all plans.
  • Botscrew
    Chatbot for WhatsApp, Website and Facebook. Get 45% off your chatbot subscription for 12 months.
  • Klokki
    Time Tracking
    Klokki for Mac is an automatic time-tracking app that will boost your productivity. Get a 35% Discount.
  • Woorise
    Social Media, Marketing
    The easiest way to create beautiful giveaways, contests, surveys, and quizzes. Get 50% on all yearly plans.
  • Soleadify
    Sales, Marketing
    Find leads with this granular search engine for businesses. Get 30% off of Soleadify, forever.
    Graphic Design
    Professional vector design app available on any device. Get Gravit Designer PRO for $39 a year.
  • Leave Me Alone
    Productivity, Email
    See all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click. Get 20% off all packages.
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    Submit your company and get featured on The Founders Bundle. All you have to do is fill out a form and we will be in touch.


Below are some of our frequently asked questions. We hope this will help. If you still have an unanswered question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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